Whatevaok Entertainment is an Entertainment Company with many facets, talents and outlets. Our overall function is to facilitate  distribution  in addition to assisting with marketing and promotion for your release(s)

We look to have organizations join the Whatevaok family, in conjunction with RED Distribution- A Division of Sony Music Entertainment to distribute your project(s) to online and physical retailers. Offering the basic services included in a Digital Distribution agreement with RED Distribution coupled with services offered by Whatevaok Entertainment as well as any negotiated paid services. We look forward to assisting with your project(s) to reach their full potential of exposure, sale and success.



Digital Distribution

  • Distribution to over 120 digital services including ITunes, Amazon as well as ringtone, master tone and ring back services via RED Distribution’s pipeline
  • World Wide Digital Distribution including US & CA
  • Access to Red Distribution’s marketing services

o        Stache Media

o        College Lifestyle Reps

  • sales reporting
  • Sound Scan Reporting

       Sony Music Entertainment (SME)  generated Barcode (UPC) for digital products (audio, video, ringtones, etc)

      Placement opportunities with many Digital Services including – itunes, Amazon, Zune, Rhapsody, emusic & Spotify

      Help with creating better visibility online to a directed website  (make it easy to find the website when searching)

      Reduce current marketing budget (when applicable).

  • Better rates on video production
  • cutting costs on mailing
  • cutting costs on line promotion
  • email blasts for each project and progressions
  • Social Network Monitoring (Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter Fan pages, etc)
  • Vast Relationships (See Affiliates tab)

       Licensing Submissions (Television, Movies, Video Games, etc.)

       Show/ Tour Bookings

       Discounted rates at various venues (release and/or listening parties/events)

   Accurate Sales Reporting

    Sound Scan Reporting

Song registration for BDS

    Physical Distribution

  • Physical Distribution via MRI Associated labels (also a RED Distributed label)
  • Physical distribution to major retailers such as Best Buy, Target & Wal-Mart

Partnering with Whatevaok adds another layer of Marketing, Promotion and out of the box ideas coupled with your own and that of RED Distribution, Sony and MRI Associated Labels for marketing, promotion, publicity, and overall exposure for your project(s).

Vast Network. – we have relationships with many top artists, producers, composers, writers, entertainers, athletes, politicians and many more.

Close contact with RED for day to day monitoring.

We appreciate the opportunity to service your company and its distribution needs. We feel that we can be of great assistance to the overall success of every project under our umbrella.

We look forward to working with all towards the continued success and notoriety that is deserved and well earned.

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